01st - 04th FEBRUARY, 2018

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Scientific Program




Day 1 – 01 February 2018

3.00-3.05pm Opening Dr. Manoj Khanna  
3.05-3.10pm Welcome Dr. Dirk Richter  
  Welcome Dr. Vakis Kontoes  
3.10-4.00pm Face
  Chairpersons Dr. Manoj Khanna/ Dr. Dirk Richter
3.10-3.25pm   Dr. Natalia Manturova The Aging Face
3.25-3.40pm   Dr. Ashish Davalbhakta Comprehensive Facial rejuvenation: Where to cut Cut and Fill
3.40-4.00pm   Dr. Gianluca Campiglio Neck reshaping in younger patients
4.00-4.30pm   Dr. Kai Kaye Facelifts and peelings
4.30-4.50pm   Dr. Varun Dixit The MACS face-lift with neck-lift – Can it fit ALL patients?
4.50-5.00pm Discussion
5.00-5.30pm Coffee
5.30-6.30pm Periorbital Surgery I
  Chairpersons Dr. Sandeep Sharma/ Dr. Milind Wagh
5.30-5.40pm   Dr. Vakis Kontoes Blepharoplasty. 15 Steps to a successsful result
5.40-5.50pm   Dr. Lokesh Kumar Transconjunctival Blepharoplasty – Tips and Tricks
5.50-6.00pm   Dr. Allan A. Allan Treatment of big eyes
6.00-6.10pm   Dr. Natalia Manturova Periorbital rejuvenation – 3-level fat distribution
6.10-6.20pm   Dr. Dirk Richter Periorbital rejuvenation – lifting, filling, implants
6.20-6.30pm Discussion

Day 2 – 02 February 2018

8.00-9.00am Master Classes
  Bodycontouring Dr. Allan A. Allan  
  Midface and lower lid malposition Dr. Dirk Richter  
9.00-11.15am Breast I
  Chairpersons Dr. Rakesh Kalra/ Dr. Aditya Agarwal
9.00-9.15am   Dr. Manoj Khanna Breast reduction using Hall Findley approach- experience of 300 cases
9.15-9.30am   Dr. Ashish Davalbhakta Breast Augmentation by Implants – Simplifying decision making, for the beginner
9.30-9.45am   Dr. Kai Kaye Breast Augmentation – Implant choice
9.45-10.00am   Dr. Manoj Khanna Gynaecomastia – Techniques up to date
10.00-10.15am   Dr. Allan A. Allan Evidence based Breast reduction
10.15-10.30am   Dr. Srirang Pandit Breast sculpting and reduction by Vaser Liposuction
10.30-10.45am   Dr. Dirk Richter Common mistakes in breast surgery and how to prevent and fix it
10.45-11.15am Panel Discussion All  
11.15-11.45am Coffee
11.45-1.00pm Body
  Chairpersons Dr. Vakis Kontoes/ Dr. Vinod Vij
11.45-12.00pm   Dr. Ashish Davalbhakta Improving outcomes in Abdominoplasty
12.00-12.15pm   Dr. Kai Kaye Lipoabdominoplasty with many tricks
12.15-12.30pm   Dr. Allan A. Allan Lipo-Body-Lift
12.30am-12.45pm   Dr. Dirk Richter Gender differences in bodycontouring
12.45-1.00pm Discussion
1.00-2.00pm Lunch
2.00-3.00pm Periorbital Surgery II
  Chairpersons Dr. LD Dhami/ Dr. Parimal Kulkarni
2.00-2.15pm   Dr. Gianluca Campiglio Tear trough deformity: what it is and how to treat it
2.15-2.30pm   Dr. Dirk Richter Correction of Ptosis and lower lid malposition
2.30-2.45pm   Dr. Milind Wagh Four Eyelid blepharoplasties – Satisfying patient demands
2.45-3.00pm   Dr. Gianluca Campiglio Transpalpebreal Fixation of the Brow:
      An Efficacious Procedure Associated to the Upper Blepharoplasty
3.00-4.00pm Miscellaneous
  Chairpersons Dr. Neeta Patel/ Dr. Suneet Soni
3.00-3.15pm   Dr. Dirk Richter Treatment of lipedema
3.15-3.30pm   Dr. Manoj Khanna Hair transplant-tips,tricks and latest trends
3.30-3.45pm   Dr. Vakis Kontoes Fat transfer following comlications of injectables
3.45-4.00pm   Dr. Gianluca Campiglio Basic and advanced principles in thigh-plasty
4.00-4.30pm Coffee
4.30-6.30pm Breast II
  Chairpersons Dr. Sudhakar Prasad/ Dr. Karishma Kagodu
4.30-4.50pm   Dr. Vakis Kontoes Difficult cases in Breast surgery. How to manage them
4.50-5.10pm   Dr. Gianluca Campiglio Augmentation mastopexy: how to make easier a difficult procedure
5.10-5.30pm   Dr. Milind Wagh Reduction Mammaplasty – The Superomedial technique tweaked for Massive breasts
5.30-5.50pm   Dr. Allan A. Allan Treatment of the empty, ptotic breast
5.50-6.10pm   Dr. Dirk Richter Mummy makeover
6.10-6.30pm   Dr. Gianluca Campiglio Treatment of breast ptosis with shaped implants and parenchymal manipulation
6.30-6.40pm Discussion    
6.40-6.45pm Closing remarks Dr. Manoj Khanna/ Dr. Dirk Richter/ Dr. Vakis Kontoes  
6.45-7.15pm Inauguration ceremony of AESURG

Day 3 – 03 February 2018

7.00am-7.45 am Master Class– Fat Grafting- face,breast,buttocks Dr. Ashish Davalbakhta / Sandeep Sharma
7.45- 8.00 am Breakfast for Masterclass delegates  
Prof. C R Sunderrajan Session : Injectables
  Chairpersons Dr. Kuldeep Singh/ Dr. R.Murugesan
8.00-8.30am Injection Anatomy- upper, middle & lower face Dr. K.M.Kapoor
8.30-9.00am Scope of injectables in Plastic Surgery practice Dr. Arthur Swift
9.00- 9.30am Injection concepts in the face Dr. Arthur Swift
9.30-10.00am DEMO- YOUNG FACE Dr. Arthur Swift
10.00-10.30am DEMO- OLDER FACE Dr. Arthur Swift
10.30-10.50am Correction of Facial asymmetry by Botulinum Toxin Dr. Kuldeep Singh
10.50-11.10am Coffee break
Prof U S Nayak Session : Body contouring
  Chairpersons Dr. A.S.Bath/ Dr. Parag Sahasrabudhe
11.10- 11.40am Liposculpturing using of Bodyjet / Megafat grafting Dr. Klaus Ueberreiter
11.40- 12.00pm 1200 cases of VASER liposuction -lessons learnt Dr. Srirang Pandit
12.00-12.30pm Stem cells in Breast augmentation / reconstruction Dr. Klaus Ueberreiter
12.30-12.50pm Body tighting – lifting,reshaping & bleaching Dr. Jhoan Haddad
12.50-1.00pm DICUSSIONS
1.00-2.00pm Lunch Lunch Symposium/Demo- by Geomedics Pharma
Prof. S. S Sethi Session: Lasers and Energy Based devices
  Chairpersons Dr. Shrirang Pandit,Dr Rakesh Kalra
2.00-2.20pm Ulthera – case selection, protocols and outcomes Dr. Shahin Nooreyezdan
2.20-2.35pm Nonsurgical facial rejuvenation using EBD Dr. L.D.Dhami
2.35-2.55pm Fractional microneedled RF vs Fractional CO2 for acne years Dr.Apratim Goel
2.55pm-3.05pm DISCUSSIONS
Miscellaneous Session 1
  Chairpersons Dr. Sunil Keswani/ Dr. Ravi Mahajan
3.05-3.20pm Aethetics of hair transplantation Dr Suneet Soni
3.20-3.35pm Exposure and modification of the nasal tip in Rhinolplasy Dr. Lokesh Kumar
3.35-3.50pm Difficult Rhinoplasties Dr.RameshSharma
3.50-4.05pm Drainless abdominoplasty Dr Medha Bhave
4.05-4.20 pm Tips & Tricks in managing breast asymmetry Dr. Aditya Agarwal
4.20-4.40 pm Tea / Coffee Break
  Chairpersons Dr. Lokesh Kumar/ Dr. Kiran Petkar
4.40-5.20pm Dr Mathangi Ramakrishnan CME : PANEL DISCUSSION -Hair removal (Moderator- Dr Apratim Goel) Dr. L.D.Dhami/ Dr. Milind Doshi/ Dr. Kuldeep Singh/ Dr. Chiranjiv Chhabra
5.20pm-5.35pm Q switched NdYAG laser for pigmentation of the skin Dr. Vinod Vij
5.35- 5.40pm Discussion
Free Papers Hall A
  Chairpersons Dr. Ramesh Sharma/ Dr. Medha Bhave
5.45-5.55 pm The South Indian Nose : A distinct racial variation & Technical tips for successful rhinoplasty Dr. Venkat Ramamurthy/ Dr. Derrick Mendonca/ Dr. Rajendra S Gujjalanavar
5.55-6.05 pm Cocked up’ flap for tip rotation in open rhinoplasty Dr. Amit Peswani/ Dr. Uday Bhat
6.05-6.15 pm Precision carving of costal cartilage graft for contour fill in aesthetic and reconstructive rhinoplasty. Dr. Uday Bhat/ Dr. Tarush Gupta
6.15-6.25 pm Use of stacked cartilage grafts in rhinoplasty: long term results. Dr. Tarush Gupta/ Dr. Uday Bhat
6.25-6.30pm Discussion  
Free Papers Hall B
  Chairpersons Dr. R Venkatesh/ Dr. Hemen Jaju
5.45-5.55 pm Augmentation Rhinoplasty in Binders syndrome: The multicomponent costal cartilage reconstruction technique Dr. Raja Tiwari
5.55-6.05 pm Comparison of Fat survival with or without PRP Dr. Sunil Gaba
6.05-6.15 pm Female Hair Restoration Dr. Anand Joshi
6.15-6.25 pm

Three dimensional (3D) Imprinting Technology in facial aesthetic surgery – A new Frontier

Dr. Venkat Ramamurthy/ Dr. Derrick Mendonca/ Dr. Rajendra S Gujjalanavar
6.25-6.30pm Discussion  
6.45-7.45 pm General Body Meeting  

Day 4 – 04 February 2018

7.00-7.45am Master Class – Rhinoplasty Dr. Kapil Agarwal/ Dr. Uday Bhat
7.45- 8.00am Breakfast  
Dr Arumugam Session: Peels, threads and skin lightening
  Chairpersons Dr. Neeta Patel / Dr. Viraj Tambwekar
8.00 – 8.20am Coolsculpting – indications,technique,results and pitfalls Dr. Chiranjiv Chhabra
8.20 -8.40am Glutathione iv, oral in skin lightening Dr. Apratim Goel
8.40-9.00am Thread lifts- cones vs barbed threads Dr. Rajat Gupta
9.00-9.20am Combination treatments with threads in males & females Dr. Jhoan Haddad
Miscellaneous Session -2
  Chairpersons Dr. Seema Rekha Devi/ Dr. Amitabh Singh
9.20-9.40 am Combined treatments for Facial rejuvenation- injectables+ EBD Dr. Chiranjiv Chhabra
9.40-9.55 am Male aesthetic face approach Dr. Jhoan Haddad
9.55- 10.15 am Pitfalls of Laser Hair removal Dr. Kuldeep Singh
10.15-10.30 am Bleeding complications of dietary & herbal supplements in Aesthetic Surgery  Dr. Anup Dhir
10.30-10.50am Coffee Break
Miscellaneous Session -3
  Chairpersons Dr. Varun Dixit/ Dr. Anup Dhir
10.50-11.10am Social Media in our practice Dr. Apratim Goel
11.10-11.25am Patient Safety Dr. Lokesh Kumar
11.25-11.45am Facing GST Dr. Sandeep Sharma
11.45-12.05pm Medical Tourism Dr. Rakesh Kalra
Free Paper Hall A
  Chairpersons Dr. Jiten Kulkarni/ Dr. Ajit Kale
12.05 – 12.15pm Nanofat Grafting in post traumatic Scars Dr. Anmol Chugh
12.15-12.25pm The Aesthetic breast reconstruction in view of oncological saftey Dr. Rakesh Koudki
12.25-12.35pm Transeyelid Midface Lift – An Indian Experience Dr. Venkat Ramamurthy/ Dr. Derrick Mendonca/ Dr. Rajendra S Gujjalanavar
12.35-12.45pm Minimal access Gynecomastia Surgery Dr. Rakesh Dawar
12.45-12.55pm Discussion
12.55-1.30pm Valedictory function
1.30pm onwards LUNCH